Testing started back in 2019, the company was initiated in 2020.  The past two decades humankind has increased accuracy and reliability of health information, right now it's time to attack disease.  In the health field, it’s best to trust doctors and real-life cases of people overcome ailment.  Root Bark’s product line provides all these factors into the equation regarding real life health improvement.  The box or individual purchase options provide a total solution to fix, correct, & maintain top health prevention against the dangerous active world full of risk.  The supplements aren’t meant to be mixed with other foods at different states of the digestion process, it isn’t meant to be taken after you’ve burned calories, it’s meant to be planted with roots into your gut early in the morning on an empty or probiotic empty stomach, after last nights supper is digested and registered into the blood flow.  


A decade or two ago a holistic practitioner offering various ancient Eastern medicine remedies may have been considered phony or shady, even today we can’t just matter of fact believe in the healing properties of roots or bark to exclusively have a chemical biological tissue change alteration factor; thankfully the trust of this product was inspired from doctor patient success stories along with the history of Eastern herbal medicine.


The key ingredient Quercetin couldn't not be stolen within industry guideline practice for its digestive healing properties (trust the shelves), the micro dosage of Glucosamine sneaks in cartilage repair at the same time, the powder L-Glutamine not only provides essential amino acid protein synthesis to start your day protecting muscle, but has been known for digestive healing in the science world for awhile now & it also blends quite well into a glass with liquid chlorophyll in a drink or shake; the pill blends in a top shelf pineapple fruit bonding extract, along with zinc and mushrooms for your immunity & cognitive protection.  Root Bark product box offers the therapeutic select choice for granny’s or professional athletes at the cheapest price to help the most widest range of daily users.