Why call the Rootbark pill Athlete Gut Morning Pill / AguT   It substitutes an otherwise breakfast decision, with specific ingredients that target purposes to heal & enhance performance.  Sure eating a healthy breakfast nourishes the day, however intermittent fasting has grown in popularity, and the Rootbark product doesn't require any fasting it you take it first thing.  It is, however, recommended to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning and the longer you wait, the better the result.  Scroll down to the image at the bottom of the page for further reasoning to take it on an empty stomach for best results.  Several ingredients in the pill includes barks that have sold successful for decades.  Many drink coffee or tea until lunch while taking it, and your muscles still get some stimulation from L-Glutamine, (1 of 3 products in the Rootbark box) which is an essential amino acid that not only heals the intestinal lining but creates protein synthesis so your next meal will be ready to strengthen your body.

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